Men only want me for sex and I don’t know why

I (28F) am so sick and tired of being treated like I’m disposable. I have absolutely no problem getting dates with all sorts of men, but none of them seem to like me for anything but sex. I’m not stunning or anything like that but I exercise a lot etc so getting men’s attention has never been a problem, but I very clearly specify on my profile I want a relationship and I’m not interested in hookups. My photos are nice but not overly showy or super sexy or anything like that because I am not after sex. I also talk about my hobbies etc on my profile.

I’d totally delete my Real Sex Contacts account if I lived in a smaller city, but I live in London and life is so hectic, fast paced and individualistic here that it’s very, very difficult to meet someone organically.

Getting matches, convos and dates is not a problem. Most men I meet through dating apps are like super interested in me, my hobbies, my interests, my life etc until we fuck (be that on date 2 or date 276263727). Once we do, the amount of texts goes drastically down almost immediately, and so does the amount of interest they show. Sometimes they ghost or even block me out of the blue, but they often keep talking to me (only much less, and in a more distant/less frequent way) and meeting me, though (at their convenience and if possible at night to get sex, rather than day plans).

Before you ask, no, I’m not going for guys that are out my league, with abs, super amazing bodies, or amazing jobs or anything like that. I’m talking very average guys, that seem genuine, interested and nice until I have sex with them. My friends (both male and female) have seen the people I go on dates with and they often say I am out of their league and not the other way around. I like very normal guys, not gym bros or supermodels.

Also, I’m all for making an effort when it comes to talking, texting, planning dates etc. I don’t expect (or let) the man do everything every time. I’m communicative, I’m hard working, super active, I have multiple hobbies, I’m conventionally attractive, I take care of myself, I’m probably not amazing in bed for everyone, but I also really don’t think that is the problem. I have amazing friends and have an incredible support network, I try to be a nice person, why do I feel like I’m unloveable and nobody can like me for who I am past a couple of shags?